On our spooky creepy journey around Halloween I can’t help but dive deep into the need to bake up a disgustingly delicious treat. There is something about this time of the year where creativity is encouraged and the decrepit has no limits. On a recent trip to my local orchard the rotting apples below the trees kept catching my eye. There’s something about the soft, mushy interior with the wrinkled deep red skin surrounding the apple that is irresistible. This got me to thinking…how can I make something edible that also looks absolutely repulsive? How about make a rotten apple! IMG_E8454


If you are still here and not hiding under a blanket from how SCARY that spider is, then grab your tea and a biscuit and tuck in cause this one is a doozy. The base of the apple is a choux pastry (see my method and recipe under Orange Puffs: Choux).

Lemon Bars

As my husband’s birthday approaches along with Spring, nothing seems more fitting than a lemon (or lime) bar to kickoff the season. Fitting not only because he absolutely loves lemons in any and all forms, but also that lemon and lime make me think of spring. And margaritas. Ok spring, margaritas and sitting out on the porch with an umbrella in my drink. Looking out the window I keep telling the snow it has had its time and that it is free to leave at any moment it chooses. I would chose this exact moment to say sayonara, adios, arrivederci and send it off with a sugary tangy lemon bar to set it on its way.

Why do we add walnuts, almonds, or pistachios to brownies?


Today I started my afternoon by opening my Sheboygan Community Cookbook. I have had a hankering to make homemade brownies for the longest time. I am not sure why because I have never made them before and I am usually very content with a piece of smooth dark chocolate. While flipping through my cookbook my eyes stopped on “One Bowl Brownies”. There is something about the phrase “one bowl” that makes a recipe seem so much more appealing. Is it the instant reward of doing less dishes? Does the recipe somehow seem more simple and quick? I did find that the first of these is true. Before I made these brownies every single recipe I found seemed to include some required magical wizardry to perfectly melt chocolate into a beautiful flowing ribbon to make the bake that much more successful. However, this recipe called for no such wizardry and we created sweet chocolatey success. A little improvisation was incorporated into this recipe because our pantry is only stocked with “regular” chocolate squares and it called for unsweetened chocolate. Now let’s be honest here. It’s about 35 degrees outside and I’m in my sweatpants. I’m not about to go run to the store to track down unsweetened chocolate because I firmly believe all chocolate can be used in brownies. (Yes if you read carefully above this is the first time I made them so take that with a grain of salt!) Ultimately these turned out to be spiked with a few extra grams of sugar…about the amount of sugar a toddler would add to this recipe. If you need a quick tip on what to do with a semi-failed baking attempt: add it to ice cream. Ice cream always makes everything instantly taste better.