Lemon Bars

As my husband’s birthday approaches along with Spring, nothing seems more fitting than a lemon (or lime) bar to kickoff the season. Fitting not only because he absolutely loves lemons in any and all forms, but also that lemon and lime make me think of spring. And margaritas. Ok spring, margaritas and sitting out on the porch with an umbrella in my drink. Looking out the window I keep telling the snow it has had its time and that it is free to leave at any moment it chooses. I would chose this exact moment to say sayonara, adios, arrivederci and send it off with a sugary tangy lemon bar to set it on its way.



Recently my mom gave me an old blue tin decorated with tiny white flowers and a big white chicken. I opened the small tin to find it filled with the recipes my grandmother and her friends used to trade and share. This tradition is such a special one; friends coming together to share things they love. I imagine this was their version of Facebook and Instagram.  I can picture them all sitting together with a cup of coffee or tea sharing their most favorite recipes with each other as the time flies by talking about everything except baking and cooking.