I love to share my adventures through photography and the wildlife I come across. Living in the midwest we have many frosty mornings with wildlife roaming around the fields. I really enjoy those quiet winter mornings when everything is so silent and sparkly. I also enjoy seeing monarchs (and other creatures) in the midwest and beyond on long their journeys…as well as on my own travels!

Monarch BG
This is my first photograph I caught of a monarch. I was so stunned I was able to get close enough and the monarch was perfectly positioned on this flower to capture this photo. Location: Green Bay Botanical Gardens
Walking through the kids area of the gardens I was wandering through the flowers and saw this bee right in the middle of this flower. It’s so inspiring to see nature in perfect symmetry! Location: Green Bay Botanical Gardens
Location: Green Bay Botanical Gardens


Found this Monarch in the Naples Zoo in Florida. We saw so many monarchs flocking to the flowers. It’s amazing to think about their journey and how far they travel amongst generations. Location: Naples, Florida


While walking through another garden my mom and I heard something rustling in the bushes behind us. Waiting patiently we found out this tiny little chipmunk just wanted to stop and smell the flowers. Location: Green Bay Botanical Gardens

Hey I'm Kate! I'm a mostly self-taught home baker seeking fun & hilarious adventures through trial and error. I am excited to bring you along on my adventures in baking, dabbling in the sweet & savory, and everything in between.

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